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Our Camp Life

Welcome to the heart of our camp experience—Camp Life! Each day at our Camp Temiskaming is a

journey of faith, fun, and friendship, where campers embark on adventures that shape their lives and deepen their connection with God. From the early morning sun peeking through the trees to the peaceful evening campfires under the starlit sky, every moment is filled with laughter, learning, and love. Throughout the week, campers engage in a variety of activities, from thrilling outdoor adventures to inspiring worship and Bible study sessions. Join us as we explore the daily rhythm and exciting activities that make our camp a place like no other.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Camper

7:30 am - Rise and Shine!

                  Polar Bear Dip (optional)

8:00am - Breakfast

8:45am - Chores  what??!

9:30am - Morning Program/Chaplain's Chat

11:00am - Game/Craft

12:30pm - Lunch

1:15pm- Craft

2:30pm - Swimming

2:30pm - Tuck (snack)

2:30pm - Swimming (cont'd)

5:30pm - Supper

6:30pm - Archery/Kayaking/Free Time

8:00pm - Evening Program/Sing Song

9:15pm - Snack

10:00pm - Lights Out!

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Polar Bear Dip

One of our most exhilarating traditions is the Polar Bear Dip, a beloved activity that kicks off the day before Rise and Shine time. Campers have the option to join in this invigorating experience, where they take a quick dip or swim in the crisp, cold lake. The Polar Bear Dip is not only a camper favorite but also a memorable way to start the day. Plus, the highlight for many is convincing the lifeguards to take the plunge alongside them!

ChAplains chat

Join us for Chaplain's Chat, a unique and inspiring activity at our Christian camp where our chaplain shares captivating stories from the Bible. While the idea of a story session may seem ordinary, our amazing chaplains infuse each tale with energy and excitement, keeping kids engaged and eager to listen. These stories not only entertain but also provide valuable insights and messages that campers can carry with them long after they leave. Chaplain's Chat is a cherished time where faith comes alive through storytelling, leaving a lasting impact on hearts and minds.


Craft time at Camp Temiskaming is an amazing opportunity for campers to unleash their creativity while reflecting on their faith. Guided by our enthusiastic staff, campers engage in various crafts that are not only fun but also meaningful. From creating personalized prayer journals to crafting symbolic jewelry, each project is designed to encourage campers to explore their spirituality and express their beliefs through art. Craft time is more than just an activity; it's a chance for campers to deepen their understanding of their faith while creating lasting memories with friends.


At our summer camp, we believe in fostering a sense of responsibility and teamwork through daily chores. Each cabin is assigned one of four tasks—dishes, setting the table, cleaning the bathrooms, or cleaning the pavilion—to complete for the day, rotating throughout the week. Campers work together with their cabin mates to accomplish these tasks, learning the value of cooperation and cleanliness. Additionally, we conduct surprise cabin inspections each day to ensure that cabins are kept tidy. All in good fun - and maybe with a little reward to those with the cleanest kept cabin; you'll have to join us to find out! These chores and inspections are not just about keeping our camp clean; they're about teaching valuable life skills and creating a sense of pride in our camp community.

Morning/Evening Program

Our daily "Morning and Evening Program" sets the tone for each day at camp. In the mornings, campers start their day with a calm and reflective worship wake-up session, filled with praise, prayer, and uplifting songs. This peaceful beginning prepares hearts for the day ahead. In the evenings, we gather for a longer sing-along, where campers can choose songs from our collection or introduce new ones. This musical session ends with our evening prayer, bringing closure to the day's activities. Afterward, campers enjoy a favorite activity: bedtime snack, a simple pleasure that adds a cozy touch to the bedtime routine. These programs provide meaningful moments of worship, reflection, and community bonding that campers treasure.

Tuck (snack)

"Tuck" is a favourite at our camp, a brief snack break that brings extra delight to the day. It's not just about the food; it's also a social time for campers to chat, share stories, and bond over their camp experiences. This simple pleasure adds joy to each day and creates lasting memories for campers.



Experience the tranquility of a peaceful evening canoe trip across the shimmering lake, surrounded by the beauty of nature. At our Camp Temiskaming, kayaking is not just an activity; it's a cherished tradition and a camp favourite. Whether you're gliding through the water solo or sharing a canoe with a friend, the serenity of the lake at dusk creates a perfect setting for reflection, prayer, and bonding with fellow campers. Join us for an unforgettable experience on the water, where you can connect with God's creation in a truly special way.


Experience the thrill of archery at our camp, where this ancient skill becomes a modern adventure. Our peaceful evening as the sun sets offers more than just friendly fun; they're opportunities to learn and grow. Progress from raven to legend by earning archery beads, showcasing your skills and dedication. Join us for a chance to hit the bullseye (or Will) and earn a spot on our legendary plaques, commemorating your journey from beginner to archery ace.


Dive into the fun with swimming activities, offering a refreshing array of options throughout the day. Start your morning with the invigorating Polar Bear Plunge, a thrilling way to wake up and embrace the day. Our lifeguard-monitored afternoon swimming sessions provide a safe and enjoyable environment for kids to splash and play with friends, using our collection of swimming toys, including pool noodles and golf balls. The swimming area features a long dock for dipping your toes or enjoying the sun and a raft for adventurous jumps into the water, just be careful not to tip it! While enjoying the water, keep an eye out for the occasional dock spider—just a reminder of the wonders of nature surrounding our camp.